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Are you a tech enthusiast with a talent for writing great content? Then come write for us!

Yes, this is paid writing job apart from a small writing sample during the application process which will help us sift through the garbage.

Pay Rates

The rate paid is $50 USD per thousand words plus screen shots.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for great writers that love Microsoft technologies and love to share their knowledge.

You will need to be a subject matter expert on some Microsoft technology.

Willingness to learn and improve your writing with each article until they require very little editing.

We also need people with attention to detail and who are going to be able to follow instructions about writing blog posts.

You should also have a very strong command of the English language. If your writing is full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors, then writing isn’t for you.

The Application Process

You should read a few blog posts on both How to Excel and Power Tech Tips to get an idea of the type of quality articles we are looking for. Hint quality screen shots along with easy to read content is key!

Read and follow the writing guideline mentioned in the application process. This is super important! If you don’t follow the guideline, your application is a waste of time as it won’t be considered.

After reading a few articles on the sites and reading the guideline, you will be ready to write your sample tip article.

Write about your favourite tip from a Microsoft product of your choice. This should be an approximately 500 word article with supporting screen shots.

The sample tip article should have the following format.

  • Tell us what the tip is.
  • Tell us why we might want to use it.
  • Show us detailed instructions on how to implement the tip.
  • Include relevant annotated screenshots that are easy to understand.
  • Tell us about any pros, cons or general warnings on using the tip.

The goal should be that the reader will have a complete understanding of the tip after they read your article. More detail is always better than less.

Once you have written a sample tip, you can apply via the button above.

Each application will be reviewed and we will be in touch if you’re successful. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, we’re unable to get back to everyone to let them know the outcome.

If you do not hear from us in a few weeks, then you were not successful. You can always try to improve your article and apply again.

We Do Not Accept Paid Links or Sponsored Posts

If you’re an agency or a company working to place guest posts on my sites with the intention of getting backlinks, then don’t bother applying.

We’re not interested in any of this. You can save us both the time and effort by not applying.

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Write For Us

Are you a tech enthusiast with a talent for writing great content? Come write for us!

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